Welcome to Mr. Barnes blog page here you will find links to my various classes and other points of interest. To access information on a class, group, or point of interest simply hover over the topic button at the top of the page. This semester I will be teaching Government, Sociology, and U.S. History 1301. Second semester Economics, Psychology, and U.S. History 1302. I am looking forward to an exciting and fast paced year.

The Rights of man are granted by nature or nature’s God, by their nature they may be deprived by force, but their proper exercise is not force, and can never restrict the rights of another. Any gift given freely to one at the cost of another, is not a right, it is a gift and a blessing. Any gift given by one to another at the unwilling expense of a third, is not a blessing, it is a stolen thing used to curry favor, and should be shunned.
Clifford L Barnes Jr

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  1. Enjoyed your quote!

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